• Are you facing a shrinking talent pool for your IBMi/AS400 applications?
  • Are you looking to cost effectively - develop, enhance and optimize your IBMi/AS400 applications?
  • Do you want to modernize your complex IBMi/AS400 applications to harness greater value?

Let our IBMi/AS400 experts help you tackle your Performance, Reliability and Scalability challenges

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AS400 Development Company - Why Choose Integrative Systems?

As an AS400 development company, Integrative’s sole motive is to get you to your vision by empowering you with exemplary AS400 software and services support. We have been serving in this domain for the last 20 years and are an IBM silver business partner, hence you can trust us with AS400 applications of any complexity.

Meet Businesses Like Yours That Are Experiencing Incredible Results Working with Integrative Systems



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Business Process Optimization

Integrative Systems can Help YOU Achieve your AS400 Goals Faster

  • You can hire AS400/iSeries talent from Integrative systems to augment and extend your in-house team. You will be in total control of selecting the candidates that fit your requirements and team culture.
  • Also, you will have the ability to scale up or down your extended team whenever and however you need to. We will help you add skilled AS400/iSeries resources to your in-house development team on either short or long-term basis.
  • These resources will be employed directly by Integrative systems, thus your cost and liability of getting new full-time hires are eliminated. The remote developers added to your team will be completely dedicated to YOU.
  • We guarantee that you will see benefits of between 30% to 40% reduction in cost, and 60% to 70% reduction in turn around for software development – as your extended team will be 100% focused on the tasks you’ve assigned to them and work in collaboration with your in-house team.

Our AS400 Milestones - Helping Companies Like YOURS Thrive


Years of AS400 Development Experience


Successfully Completed AS400 Projects


AS400 Developers Deployed on Projects

Our AS400 Application Development Capabilities - So, that YOU don’t have to Compromise!

  • IBM iSeries AS400 Software development in RPG.
  • IBM iSeries AS400 application development, support, and enhancements
  • Third-party application systems administration and support
  • Development of applications utilizing RPG/400, SQL/400 and CL/400
  • Synon COOL/2e development
  • Change/enhancements for existing applications

Our IBM iSeries Development Features - Are YOU spoilt for Choice?

Synon Development for IBM System

IBM iSeries Lansa ERP Framework Development

Websphere Development for IBM iSeries AS400

AS400 Web Application Development

IBM iSeries AS400 ARCAD Development

AS400 Lansa Integrator Development

IBM Power Systems AS400 SQL Server Development

Report Program Generator (RPG) Development for IBM iSeries AS400

AS400 ASNA Visual RPG Development

IBM Power Systems AS400 Mobile Application Development

IBM iSeries AS400 application development

IBM Power Systems AS400 open source development

IBMi/AS400 Services Offered by Integrative Systems - So that YOU can meet your AS400 goals

IBMi/AS400 Programming and Development

We have over 20+ years of extensive expertise and knowledge working with IBMi/AS400 software applications. And, this skill set includes RPGLE, CLLE, SQLLE, COBOL, AS/SET, J2EE, WebSphere, XML, JAVA, Domino/Notes etc.

For our IBMi/AS400 clients, we have been involved in every stage of the application development process - from understanding the functional requirements, scoping the technical and software architecture, clarifying actual business outcomes, implementing the solution to maintaining the software.

Most importantly, our seasoned IBMi/AS400 experts immediately start producing tangible results from the moment they start work on their respective projects, virtually eliminating any costly learning curves, resulting in substantial cost savings and reduced project timelines.

IBMi/AS400 Modernization

We have modernized and transformed Green screen IBMi/AS400 applications into Modern Browser/Windows/Mobile based applications with minimal or no change to the underlying business logic and databases, resulting in a low-risk and low-cost way to leverage your current investments in IBMi/AS400.

Our modernization approaches for companies looking for a non-disruptive, not cost prohibitive and a secure modernization journey, we have extensive experience with IBMi/AS400 UI Modernization, DB2 upgrade, RPG upgrade, API-fication, and DevOps – to perform a clear current state and operational needs assessments, design the right solutions and help your business thrive in an evolving global business landscape.

IBMi/AS400 Support and Enhancement

Over the past two plus decades, we have supported our existing clients with their IBMi/AS400 business applications – to keep their businesses running seamlessly by addressing day-to-day challenges and keeping their operations running.

We spend time understanding the software dependencies, infrastructure, business-critical gaps and create stable processes to troubleshoot, find and fix the root cause of the issues.

We offer 24/7 support, wherein the IBMi/AS400 systems with all resident software applications are kept up, and at the same time all enhancement requests are addressed to support the ever evolving business needs. We have a proven track record of surpassing all our Service Level Agreements – to tackle the severity, criticality and resolution timelines of all problems.

IBMi/AS400 Consulting

We work very closely with our clients to integrate latest IBMi/AS400 innovations with existing IBMi/AS400 business applications, to design solutions that reinvent businesses for the future.

We will identify efficiency issues and offer solutions by providing an open and honest assessment of IT systems by presenting hard data and a variety of solutions so that you can decide on the best course of action that best suits you.

We pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity and extensive experience and provide a guaranteed Return on Investment on our services because we believe consulting should fix the root cause of an issue, not just temporarily mask the symptoms.

IBMi/AS400 Migration & Integration

For IBMi/AS400 clients who want to protect their investments in their software applications, that are deeply integrated into their business – and would like to extend them instead of a major overhaul. We have extensive expertise in quick and cost-effective migration of applications from IBMi/AS400 applications to other technologies like Microsoft Dot Net, JAVA, PHP or any Open Source (UNIX or Linux).

The benefits are immediate- financially, operationally and strategically.

If you are running business processes on an IBMi/AS400 platform and are interested in making your business users’ lives easier and enabling them to accomplish more - and you want to benefit from innovative and scalable technologies, we can definitely help you achieve your objectives.

IBMi/AS400 DevOps

At Integrative Systems, we understand that in today’s hyper competitive environment, software deployments cannot be infrequent, manual a complex endeavor, and most importantly a contention between development and operations teams.

We are experts at agile software development and leverage automated, tool-based collaboration environments, that allows software developers and operations teams to build, test, deploy and monitor applications with speed, quality and control.

We have helped our clients with their mission critical/core business IBMi/AS400 software applications, transition from a slow-moving development cycles and enabled continuous delivery, deployment, security and monitoring of applications.